Proud Parents  Kittens Born in 2019.




Shnocki also known as Mr Grumpy

 Kittens Born April 21 2019.



Bun-Bun-Female- ADOPTED living with Wen in Albany NY


Bun-Bun is going to be a Blue Silver Shaded British Shorthair ... maybe a lynx for she is getting quite light in coloring except her points. She will have beautiful bright green eyes with dark eyeliner like her mom, but will be more like her dad being much lighter in color than her mom.  As you can see her markings on her face are very light in color compared to Binky.  She is my comic of the bunch and the climber.  She gets herself in positions that I have no clue how she did it.  She is busy constantly when she is awake checking out what she can get into.  She loves playing with her brothers and sisters but seems to be much happier seeing what she can get into on her own.  She has me laughing constantly by her little adventures.  She to loves time for petting but only on her terms and time :).  Once she is done with it she soon scampers off trying to get into something new. She actually doesn't walk but bounces :), Thus how she got her name like a little rabbit. A true joy to watch. Bun Bun will make an excellent kitten/cat for a couple or someone that works a lot,  she would be able to entertain herself till you came home, and then shower you with tons of love and attention when you return.

Bun Bun at new home

Bun Bun Chasing Tail

Bun Bun Learning to Shake

Adopted and at new home

with Wen, Albany NY


Baxter-Male-At new home with Doug in DC

Baxter in cute pose with Brutus and Bella wrestling

Baxter is a beautiful Male .. At the moment I am saying he is a Blue Silver Lynx British Shorthair. This can change a little in the next few months... and yesterday I was checking his eyes and I do believe he will be a Blue Silver Lynx Point ... meaning he will have Blue eyes. He will have an over all light to white shading on most of his body like his dad (see above picture of mom and dad) and then darker Lynx pattern on his legs and face. His ears will most likely be a silver shade color and his tail will be silver shaded with rings.  He is a feisty little guy and the one that is my escape artist already at this young age. He also wants attention when ever he is awake, and will climb all over you trying to get it.  His color pattern actually looks like he will be much lighter in color than his dad.

Adopted And in new home with Doug in DC


Binky - Female- At new home with Kathleen and Family in Sacramento CA

Ahh little Binky is a sweety ... She is a female Blue Silver Shaded British Shorthair and the runt of the litter.  Binky has a much more reserved shy/quiet side and will sit in the background watching and when she sees all the fun going on, will then bounce out and want to join in.  Binky is going to be a lot like Mom in shading but a bit lighter .. she has some beautiful markings on her face... rather dainty, but is the love bug of the bunch.. Her favorite spot is on my legs, she starts purring away and than falls off to sleep. Binky has quite a little motor for being so small ... when you start petting her the purring is amazing or when she is nursing.

Binky lived for a few years with a family in Wa. but due to them not able to take care of her they called me and she is now rehomed with Kathleen and Her Partner.  They have renamed her Genie which fits her well. She is very happy in her new home where she is being spoiled rotten and much loved. Thank you Kathleen 🙂


Genie Playing Fetch ..name then was Rajha

Adopted and at new home

Angie and family Pasco Wa

Bella - Female- AT NEW HOME With Tim and Carol .. San Francisco Ca

Bella is going to be a Blue Silver Shaded British Shorthair .. she could be a Lynx , I will know more in a few more weeks as she lightens up more.  She is going to be almost all white in the face. She is the lightest of this bunch and is going to be a true beauty as she develops more in the next year.  She will have a very light shading on most of her body and maybe darker on her points (ears, tail and legs) to early to say just yet. She is a little princess but is more of a tom boy then her sisters.  She is the one you will find rolling and romping with her two bigger brothers. She has a very gentle playful nature but also loves to be hugged and loved on. She will be a wonderful playmate for you or any other family member or pet. She is also the one that will be the first to greet and play with you, which is very unusual for a female, normally they are a bit more reserved.  Not her she loves attention and will do all kinds of cute things to draw your attention to her.  So she will be great for those who want a kitten/cat that loves attention by anyone. She is a social butterfly and will shower everyone with love, cuddles, kisses and attention. She is going to be a true beauty both in looks and personality.


Brutus and Bella are very much loved and over the years Tim and Carol have been wonderful about keeping me informed how they are as well as sending me some great photos .. Thank you guys

Adopted and at new home

Tim and Carol, SF Ca

Brutus-Male- ADOPTED .. at new home with Tim and Carol .. San Francisco Ca

Brutus is going to be a Black Silver Shaded British Shorthair like his mom with super green eyes and dark eye-liner make up around his eyes.  When he was born I noticed him for his super round Face and HUGE paws.  It was as if he was all head and paws, thus how he got his name :).  He is going to be a beautiful, big cat, which is rather rare for a Silver Shaded.  His father is a big guy and he has the same build as his dad but will look more like his mom's coloring. He is the sweetest little guy, he loves attention and will roll on his back for a belly rub as soon as you start petting him .. with a huge purr to match his huge paws. I have a feeling this guy could make a great show cat. He too will lighten up a lot being more white with about 1/3 of each upper hair shaft being the silver color ... he is going to be gorgeous.

Adopted and at new home

Tim and Carol,

SF Calif

 Kittens Born Sept 1 2018.



All Kittens 2 and half months

Amber Rose- Female- My Beautiful Queen

Pictures of her growing up at cattery

Staying at Cattery


Crystal Rose .. One of my Queens

Photos of her growing up at the cattery


Staying at Cattery


Andy(Eden) - Male- Living with Sonia in Chicago IL

Wonderful Photos that Sonia has provided every since she adopted them in January 2019.  Thank you so much for loving and Spoiling these two boys.

Adopted and at new home

Sonia in Chicago IL

Alex (Pip) - Male- At new home with Sonia in Chicago Il

Sonia has taken such great care of these two boys and has kept me in the loop since day one .. Thank you  Check slide show above since both boys live together


Adopted and at new home

Sonia in Chicago Il