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I am very proud to feature this Kitten on this page.   This is the first kitten that has been shown so far from my cattery and he has done an amazing in just a few shows.

Yukio relaxing after such a stressful Show 🙂

 Saoly and Benjamin (Yukios human Parents) decided to start showing their 2 kittens this year that they adopted from me back in Jan 2021. Yukio won his championship at the first show he went to which allowed him to move on to regionals. To their delight this little boy is now the 2022 Best British Shorthair Alter of the Year.

I am so pleased and happy for them as well as Yukio … What a beautiful boy he has became. Congratulations what a amazing accomplishment.

They told me they will keep showing him this coming year as well 🙂 I wish them all the best and want to thank them for taking such wonderful care of both Yukio and Denali. tThese two were born on Jan 28th 2021 to Nina and Schnocki

Yukio First show.. got his championship

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