I am getting a new cat, what supplies do I need to have for it before I bring it home?

Getting a new cat or kitten is very exciting, but it's important to make sure you are prepared for your new family member before the day you bring them home. This makes for a far less stressful transition for the cat or kitten and your family as well.

First, you need to consider what area in the house you will have your new cat or kitten spend their first few days. It's usually a good idea to keep them in a single room to begin with so they have time to adjust to the new surroundings (especially if you have other animals). The best room for this is a bathroom, as it is small and does not provide many places for them to hide should they feel afraid at the beginning. I recommend the kitten stay in the bathroom for at least 3 days before opening the door and allowing them to explore the rest of the house.

You will need a litter pan, food bowl, and water bowl, scratching post, a kitty condo, and some toys for the new cat.

Litter and Litter Pan

 The litter pan should be made of plastic. I do not recommend using an automatic cleaning litter box because this tends to scare cats/kittens and they end up not using the litter box at all. A hooded litter box can be used, but ask to see if the kitten is used to using a hooded box first. If they are not, then you should start with the box without the hood. Many litter boxes have flaps covering the entrance. Like the hood, if the kitten is not used to using a litter box with a flap, the flap should be removed.

I actually get the jumbo disposable litter boxes from Chewy.com https://www.chewy.com/natures-miracle-disposable-cat-litter/dp/47596  and  .. 2 for around 10.00 and place them in the plastic litter boxes this is the litter box that works well with the disposable litter boxes From Chewy.com  https://www.chewy.com/frisco-high-sided-cat-litter-box/dp/168285

… then every week I throw the disposable litter box out.  But for average person with one or two cats it should last for 2 weeks or better.

I started using crystals for my male cat since he has very sensitive paws. And now I have noticed all my cats use this more then the pine pellets.  You can buy it on Amazon for around 10.00 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0030HO67I/ref=sns_myd_detail_page  and I use 8 bags a month but I have 4 litter boxes. I clean it daily and with kittens I clean it twice daily.  It lasts for about 2 weeks per bag.  So 2 bags should last one cat a month.  It’s called Ultra Pet Ultra Cat litter… I use the Micro Crystals since they are very fine and easy on the paws.  It does get everywhere so make sure to have a mat under the litter box.

I use a Pine pellet litter for all my other cats and kittens since it is much more cost effect and very easy to keep clean. I buy the litter at the Tractor Supply Company. It is only 5.99 for 40lbs which will last for a long time. Tractor Supply

I also use a system for the pine litter that I found on youtube that has been awesome and so easy to keep all my kitty boxes cleaned daily without costing me a fortune. Here are the links (make sure to watch the original first)



Additionally, each week, the litter pan should be sanitized with bleach cleaner (such as Comet or Clorox Cleanup) or better yet is to steam clean it if you have a steam cleaner …. Steam cleaners kill germs and parasites much better then any product and for some parasites it is the only thing that will kill them, plus it only is hot water so not harmful to your kitten at all.

The food and water bowls

 Ideally should be ceramic, as this is a non-porous material that is easy to clean and doesn't allow for bacterial growth. The water bowl should be dumped and wiped with a paper towel each day (or more often if soiled). Refill each day with clean water. The food bowl should only have about a half cup of food in it at any given time. If you notice that the food bowl is full of crumbs, dump those out and refill with fresh food. The food bowl should be washed about once a week.

Scratching Post

make sure you have one that once your little one grows up that he/she will be able to stretch completely on it so one that is at least 24 inches tall, and is sturdy.

Cat Condo

 make sure its sturdy and that he/she will be able to jump up on it with out it wobbling.  There are tons out there.


Go here for food I use