How to pick a Vet?

  1.  Check reviews online that will tell you a lot if they are a caring vet and not just wanting to push procedures, shots and other things onto you.  You want a vet that listens to you and is more concerned about your cat than profit 🙂  .. lol sorry I have ran into a few that were pushers not doctors if you know what I mean.  Just like human doctors can be that way too.  So I screen them with lots of questions that I already know to see what their suggestions are ... like what shots do they need .. if they come back with a whole array then move on.  Only ones your cat/kitten will need are their yearly rabies and booster of FVRCP.  They normally suggest Feline Leukemia or FlVP ... that one is not needed unless your cat is going to be around other cats that you do not know.. if they try to push it after you say your cat is an inside cat move on. They also push about getting blood work for Feline Leukemia .. All my cats have been tested and they are clean so not needed for the kittens.   Another one they push is worming ... Worming can be done now with just getting Revolution  plus ... you will need a prescription for that and can then go to or 1-800-petmeds and get it for around 60.00 for 3 month supply ... if your vet charges around that then you can get it from them. They might want to do a test for worms if the kitten ever gets sick and that is ok.  or even now if you want but if you start giving them on the revolution they will be fine
  2. Call the vets office and ask questions on pricing ... on office visits, yearly FVRCP shots, Rabies Shots,  spaying,  ask if they offer a low cost spaying or low cost vaccinations.
  3.  Ask if they have emergency hours or if your cat gets sick after hours where do they refer you too.  .. then check reviews of that place 🙂  ask if it's during office hours will they be able to see your cat if it's an emergency.
  4.  If there is more than one doctor in the office ask if you can just pick one as your permanent personal vet .   If there is more than one .. than try each one out and see which one you bond with or feels right and then make sure that that becomes your cat's permanent vet when you go to the office.   That way the vet gets to know you and your cat.... much better than seeing 2 or more different vets.

That should cover most of it ... the biggest thing is let your intuition take over and you're comfortable with the vet and that Kitten is too ... as well as the vet's staff.