About Adopting a Kitten/Cat From Sasskats


1) You are buying a British Shorthair kitten/cat which meets all the standards of this breed,  and guaranteed to be socialized, healthy, litter box trained and registered with the cat associations TICA.

2)  Due to Covid Virus I no longer allow home visits .. instead we can do face time if you have an Iphone or I will send you tons of Videos of the kittens. This has not changed since it is safer for my kittens to not have contact anyone due to their little immune systems are still developing and are prone to picking up many different virus or bacterial infections.  And since I have kittens at different stages of their growth its just easier to keep the cattery closed.

3) You can get on my waitlist at anytime after filling out my contact questionnaire. There is a 100.00 fully refundable waitlist deposit. I will then send you everything you need to know about my adoption process, as well as a very in depth Questionnaire. I do close down my waitlist temporarily once it hits 30 and then after a litter of kittens I reopen it. Once I open up for deposits the deposit to hold a kitten is 500.00 (or 400.00 if you already payed the waitlist deposit)which is non refundable but it is transferable to another kitten or another litter down the road if  you decide at some point the kitten you picked is not right for you or an emergency comes up. If for some reason you can not receive your kitten due to something on my side I will than give you an option of a refund or to roll over to a later litter.  

4) At this time my cattery is a closed cattery.  I can deliver your kitten to you if you are within a 10 hour distance, when your kitten turns 3 month old or older. Normally I suggest a 1/2 way point that way it makes it easier for both of us.  If the kitten must fly to you then I prefer a kitten to fly in cabin(Kittens can fly in Cabin at 3 months). I have a Kitten nanny that can fly the kitten to you. Just ask and I will give you his information.   Any kittens beyond the 10 hour distance is not included in kitten cost.


1) Your new kitten will be a registered, purebred, British Shorthair kitten with champion bloodlines in their Pedigrees.

2) Upon neutering/spaying your new kitten at the age of 6-9 months  (Please submit a copy of your vet bill by mail/email)  I will then register your kitten with TICA. You will then receive the registration  from TICA.  Also once you show proof of Altering your 500.00 deposit will be returned to you.  If you would like a certified 3 generation or 5 generation Pedigree once registered you can get these from TICA.  I am working on a program now that I will be able to provide a Pedigree but it is not certified. 

3) Please be sure and read the Care Page on feeding and how to care for your new kitten upon delivery. There is a lot of info from care, tips and training on that page.

4) Your new kitten will go through several veterinarian checkups before going to their new home, Medical Records will be provided.. all age appropriate shots will be given by my vet. I do not give FeLV shots you will have to get that from your vet or let me know at least a month before delivery so I can make arrangements with my vet.  Also if you would like a 3 way viral test done just ask ahead of time so I can make arrangements with my vet.  This Tests cover FeLV FIV and Heartworms.

5) Please read my sales contract for more important information.. Click here to view Contract

6) My price is 2500.00 no matter what color or gender. (the 500.00 deposit will be held as a altering deposit and returned to you once I receive proof of Alteration) So initial cost is 3000.00 but 500.00 will be returned after spaying/neutering is done.  If I have an exceptional kitten that would meet all the breed standards and I feel would do well as a Show cat the cost might be higher on that kitten. Sometimes I will sell kittens with breeding rights but it is my choice and there is a substantial added cost for breeding rights. To read more about Breeding Rights and what is required please go here.

7) I accept Money Order, Cashiers Check, Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal.  I can accept a personal Check but then there is a 7 day hold till payment is cleared.  A cashiers check works just as well 🙂

I only breed my females one to two times a year, sometimes I will breed a little sooner depending on my female and her condition. Since I only have 3 females the kittens seem to leave as fast as they are born so please contact me now if your interested and I can place you on a wait list when new kittens arrive.  At times I will hold one or two kittens from a litter in order to watch their growth and development for my breeding program. I will than sale older kittens if I choose not to use them in my breeding program.  So be sure to contact me to see if I have any available.  They normally will be around 6 to 9 months old.

SO after reading this if you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to Contact me.  Or if you want to leave a deposit on an upcoming kitten/cat or be placed on my waitlist … please contact me and lets chat 🙂