Do you Sell breeding rights?

This is a loaded question.  Yes I do but normally only to established catteries.  But I am always open to helping someone that thinks they want to get into becoming a breeder.  This is not something you just say ohh I have a male and female so I can have babies.  It takes a lot of planning, learning, research to become a reputable breeder.  You must not just buy any kitten of the breed your wanting but to research the qualities you want to improve in the breed and set a plan.  Sometimes it take a few years to find that right cat for your breeding program.

So if you are interested than I suggest you read these two articles that were given to me by my mentor when I first started out.  Than once you have a plan or if you need a mentor feel free to contact me. Here are links to those articles.   Breeding Cats?? and

10 Steps to Becoming a Successful, Respected Breeder

Good Luck and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  If you feel your ready and would like to look into purchasing a kitten with breeding rights be aware I will have tons of questions for you and not every kitten has the right qualities to be a breeder.