Ambers Kittens

Amber Rose

Kittens Born In 2022 

Amber Rose


     New Parents 

Litter N Born on December 21st 2021

Shnocki also known as Mr Grumpy

Nicky – Female- Reserved in new home with Linda and David in Malibu Ca

Little Nicky (now known as Cupcake)  is such a beautiful Silver Chinchilla point female.  Since I am retiring her mother I was going to keep her till she turned out to be a female :). She is now with a wonderful family in Malibu with her half sister Saffron (now known as Lucia) . She is playful but laid back compared to her sister and more than willing to play follow the leader.  She loves to climb up in my lap and fall to sleep.  But when awake she is running at full force trying to stay up with his sister Noel.

Adopted  Living with Linda and David in Malibu Ca.

Noel – Female – Reserved by Nikole and Garrett in Detroit MI

Noel is a Silver Chinchilla female .. She is very adventurous and Lively for such a little girl.  She is the instigator and leader of her brother :).  It is so fun to watch her bounce around and play.  She is also my escape artist .. at only 3 weeks of age she had found an opening in the play area that I created for the kittens .. I had no clue where she was escaping from it took me over a week to finally see her sneak through a very small opening at the back, and of course she had to show her brother :).  They are now at the stage that the penned area does not hold them back from climbing out so now the whole room is one big adventure for her. She will be heading to her very excited new family around mid March.

Adopted  Living in Detroit Mi with Nikole and Garrett

Kittens Born In 2021 

Amber Rose



Litter M Born July 16th 2021

Shnocki also known as Mr Grumpy

Missy- Female- Adopted

Missy is a beautiful Silver Chinchilla female with Blue eyes



by Margarita in San Diego Ca.


Moose- Male- Adopted

Moose is a beautiful Silver Chinchilla Male with Blue Eyes


by Margarita in San Diego Ca.




Born Jan 27th 2021

Ike – Male – Adopted Living with Tan in Study City Ca.

Ike is a beautiful Silver Lynx Point Male with Blue Eyes


Living with Tan in Studio City Ca


Ian – Male – Adopted Living with Amy in San Jose CA

Ian is a Blue Silver Chinchilla Point.  Ian’s New name is Wade




Living with Amy in San Jose Ca



Iggy – Male – Yogurt Living with Quynh and Allen in Sunnyvale Ca.

Iggy is a Blue Silver Chinchilla Point. Iggy’s name is now Yogurt.

He has blue eyes. His parents are Amber Rose and Shnocki. He is a very sweet, loving peaceful kitten

He now resides with Quynh and Allen in Sunnyvale Ca. with his new playmate a beautiful Ragdoll kitten named Michi. Quynh sent me some wonderful videos of how they started out within first few days and in less then a week they are now best friends ?

Thank you Quynh and Allen for sharing with me ?



Living with Quynh and family in Sunnyvale Ca

Iliana – Female- Adopted Living with Karen and Charlie in Smithfield, RI

Iliana is a Blue Silver Chinchilla Point with Blue eyes.  Her new name is Mia.

Here is what her new mom Karen had to say ?
“She’s just the sweetest little girl. She’s definitely stole my heart. I love how she plays with such exuberance too … So much fun. Long story short, Mia is wonderful and we’re so smitten with her … she’s a real love bug! We’ll continue to be in touch with updates and photos.”
Below is Photos in her new home.


Living with Karen and Charlie in Smithfield, RI


Kittens Born In 2020


Born August 30th



Amira- Female – Adopted Living with Fatemeh and Family in Roseville Ca.

Amira is a Blue Chinchilla Point. She has Blue eyes. Her mother is Amber Rose and Father is Shnocki. She now resides with a wonder family of 7 in Roseville Ca. So she has lots of playmates with the 5 children. She is like a little princess.. very dainty but also has a go for it attitude.

I just received a wonderful Text from her mom yesterday that really covers everything about her loving affectionate playful nature.

“Amira has entered her adventurous stage and has been exploring at all hours of the night. She is also the best wakeup call-she comes and licks my face when she hears my alarm at 4 am until I get up. She is a hoot.

She is awesome! She brings our whole family so much love and joy”

Thank you so much for taking such great care of her.


Living with Fatemeh and Family in Roseville Ca.

Winston -Male – Adopted Living with Mary Jo in Santa Rosa Ca

Winston is a Blue Silver Lynx Point. He has blue eyes.His mother is Amber Rose and father is Shnocki.

This guy is going to be huge .. He was the biggest in the litter and still growing daily. He is such a handsome, sweet, loving boy. He has been like a gentle giant from the time he was born. He loves to play and explore but truly loves to cuddle up and be close to you.

He now resides with his kitty mom, Mary Jo in Santa Rosa, Ca. He is much loved and appreciated …. and so so spoiled.

Here is what his new mom says about him
“Winston is the most wonderful cat. He just fit in perfectly. We all love him”


Living with Mary Jo, Santa Rosa, Ca.

Bijou – Female – Adopted Living with Diane and Artheus in Monterey Ca

Bijou is a Blue Silver Lynx Point. She Has Blue Eyes. Her mother is Amber Rose and father is Shnocki. This little girl was a very determined little one from the start .. It was all her way or no way ?. She had a very very independent streak and was content in letting you know that she was the boss.

She now resides with Diane and her new playmate Artheus in Monterey, Ca.

Diane says she has became quite the lap cat which kind of surprised me. She says that each night she comes and sits with her to cuddle. She also says that Artheus is kind of accepting her and they now play together but they are still adjusting to each other ?.


Living with Diane, Monterey, Ca.

Gismo … Male … Adopted living in Forest City with Jan

Gismo is a Blue Silver Lynx Point. This little man is the comic of the litter .. he loves to do so many cute little things that just make you smile. He is quite the little charmer with a big heart.  He has a very independent side but loves attention and does many things to get it :). He also loves to cuddle and lay in your lap any chance he gets.  You will find him always up for play time with his litter mates or you if you spend the time with him.  He also has become the guardian of Crystals little ones ( a month younger than him) from the day they were born.. you would find him in with the babies cuddling and caring for them.

Gismo now known as Ollie is giving his new mom Jan many happy moments of love and entertainment.  This little boy is quite something and within 2 days after at his new home he was climbing up one of the tallest cat trees I have seen 🙂  such a little card he is.  Thank you Jan for taking such wonderful care of him.


Living with Jan, Forest City, CA.


Born March 27



Cali – Female – Adopted Living with Deborah In NC

Eevee now known as Cali is a Black Silver Chinchilla Point.  This little girl is a trip … she is an adventurer even at this early stage .. she is out checking out all the toys and picking on (playing with)all her litter mates even if they don’t want to be bothered she just says deal with it lol.  She has quite a little attitude for being so small.  But she also loves attention and will come bouncing over to you and want in your lap and begin licking your fingers as soon as you sit down.  She loves to be picked up and cuddled on, but as soon as you let her down she is off to check out whats going on.  She is going to be a very outgoing, fun loving, playful kitten .. she actually reminds me a lot of her mom Amber at that age.  She greets me at the door and follows me around like a little puppy dog. When she is excited to see you she wags her tail and her big blue eyes light up.  She is a treasure and going to delight her new mom 🙂

Evee now known as Cali is being spoiled rotten by her mom Deborah.  She is giving her mom much devoted love and affection.


Living with Deborah, Sunset Beach, NC.

Emerald-Female-Adopted Living with Teri

Emerald is Blue Silver Lynx Point..   Aww she is such a little sweetie .. she is the smallest of the bunch and is so adorable, very petite and dainty looking.  She is like a combination of all the kittens rolled up into one. She has a shy side(very short lived) bold, adventurist, explorer, independent, attention seeker,love bug. She loves to be petted and cuddled and she is going to be the most loving of the bunch. She really enjoys being petted and picked up. Her favorite thing is to sit up next to my neck, wrapped in my arms and then she begins licking me than falls sound asleep. She will keep you laughing and you will wonder if she is ever going to wind down only to find her fast asleep the next time you look.  Her mom is going to have lots of loving memories with her.

Emerald .. shortened to Emmy is giving her mom Teri great joy and entertainment.  She is very happy living a very pampered life.


Living with Teri, Roseville, Ca.