Here are some useful links to all kinds of information from health, grooming, care on all cats and a lot of links on british shorthair cats

Proud to be Cat Kingpin Certified

Website on Cat Behavioral … Pam Johnson-Bennett.  

Pam is great at working with cats that have different behavioral issues.  She also teaches you how to understand what your cat is thinking.  She has books available as well articles on her website to help you on helping your cat/cats and how to train them.  Also you can watch her show on  Reality TV called Psycho Kitty ( a very informative show)


Cat Food DB … Great site to check out almost all commercial grade cat foods on the market.  Unbiased reviews and ratings 

Pet Nutrition and Animal Wellness Great site to learn about Best foods and raw diets and much more

How to Fight Fleas Naturally

Fresh Food Diet for Pets

Dr. Becker Shares Her Updated List of Best and Worst Pet Foods

Very interesting research being done on Heritable Behavioral Traits in cats by breed

Fanciers Breeder Referral List This is a wonderful place to find breeders and also retired purebred cats needing homes

Purebreds Plus These guys rescue purebreds and Purebred mix’s. I have been getting lots of requests for older cats/kittens so I felt this was good to post here for someone that is interested in adopting older cats/kittens .. they do have kittens at times.

Ahimsa Rescue Foundation

Online Doctors The Top 5 online Pet Care and Veterinary Services

International Cat Care This is one of the best sites I have found on any cat care issues or advice your looking for. From about the different breeds, Care, Feeding and so on.



Animal Planet




Consumer Advocate/Pet Insurance.  A Great guide to compare and get info on Pet Insurance Companies

Ohio State University – College of Veterinary Medicine