Available Kittens

I work from a waitlist.  I do temporarily close down my waitlist once it reaches 30. Once a litter of kittens are born, I then reopen my waitlist. I do require a 100.00 deposit to get on my waitlist which is totally refundable if you no longer want a kitten from me or find one elsewhere. I just implemented this in Fall 2023 since I had over 10 people on my waitlist that did not let me know they no longer were interested which meant that 10 other potential families missed out on getting on my waitlist. So my waitlist can change a lot by the time I know I will be having a litter.  In fact my fall 2020 litters.. 4 families that received a kitten were people that when they first contacted me I told them it would most likely be Fall of 2021 before a kitten would be available.  The average is 1 month to a year wait.. it also can be longer if you are looking for a show cat or a very specific coloring. So if you are interested on knowing more about getting on my wait list and the process of adopting one of my babies please contact me on Contact page.

I normally take a weekly video of the kittens as they grow up at the cattery for the first 6 weeks. After that I will try and do individual Videos and Photos as I can till they leave for their new homes.  If you would like to check out the newest kitten videos please go to my Facebook Page.

Kitten Terms on their Description:
RESERVED …. They have been chosen and going to new home when ready
ON HOLD …. A Deposit has been made but new owner can’t decide which kitten they want.  I allow up to one week to hold kittens that they are interested in once a deposit is made.  All the kittens are so darn cute it’s sometimes hard to decide.
AVAILABLE … No Deposit yet and open for adoption
OPEN … means I am keeping kitten under observation for my breeding program but they might be available at a later time.(normally around 9 months of age)

ADOPTED…. Kitten is now living with their new family

Spring Litters 2024


There are 13 kittens from the 3 litters .. at this time 9 are reserved. 4 Still available for adoption.  Please look below for available kittens



     Proud Parents 

Litter Y Born March 28th 2024

Jasmine had 3 kittens … 2 males and 1 female… All Silver Shaded

Schnocki also known as Mr Grumpy

Yana … Female

Yana … Female … Reserved heading to Phoenix AZ

Little Yana is a really beautiful kitten. Super round face and big round eyes. She is a Black Silver Shaded and will have green eyes. She is a bit on bashful and very independent. Once she feels safe with you she loves to lay on her back in your lap and have you rup her belly. Very gentle sweet soul. She will be a very petite little girl.


Heading to Phoenix AZ to live with Abby and her wonderful big family 🙂


Yoda .. Male

Yoda..Male…Reserved.. Heading to Chicgao Il

Yoda is a Black Silver Shaded beauty.  He will have green eyes. He is the most outgoing of this litter. He loves attention and climbs into my lap every night to get cuddles and fall asleep. He prefer to be playing when awake unless he is tired than he wants to be close to me. Has the best confirmation .. Super round face and eyes.


Heading to Chicago IL to be with new family Vanderly and Anh

Yongers .. Male

Yongers..Male…Reserved … Heading to PA

Yongers is a little lover he likes to sit in my lap all the time, very curious and adventures everywhere. Very outgoing nature but on the mellow side. He has a very playful nature but loves to be cuddled when ever you are around.  A real charmer.


Heading to PA to new family Perry and Jennifer




     Proud Parents 

Litter Z Born on March 29th 2024

Giselle had 5 beautiful kittens .. 2 males and 3 females.  2 Chinchillas or Silver shaded points, 2 Silver Shaded, and 1 Sable or Chocolate Silver shaded.

Schnocki also known as Mr Grumpy

Zeta … Female

Zeta… Female…. available

Zita is a Black Silver Shaded Longhair Brit she will have green eyes. She is a very beautiful young lady with gorgeous round eyes. Zita and Zata are like little twins in personality and even in looks. She is not as adventurus as her sister … she is the first to come me to sit in my lap. Loves to be cuddled and makes little cooing sounds. Super playful and has a very soft nature to her.



Zata … Female

Zata … Female … Available

Zata is a black Silver Shaded British Longhair.  She is super gorgeous with big round Green eyes and almost the identical twin to her sister Zita. She is the most outgoing of this litter, She loves to play and explore when awake, she loves to be petted and will roll over to have her belly rubbed. When she is playing she bounces sideways :). She has a very cute round face. She is very affectionate and gentle.


Zina … Female

Zina..female…Reserved … Heading to PA

Zina is a Sable Silver Shaded she will have green eyes. She is the most independent of this litter, very curious but much more mellow than the others. She checks everything out before moving forward. Once in your lap (have to put her there) she will fall sound asleep while being petted. She is going to be a gorgeous little girl.


Heading to PA to be with her new dad Michael


Zeke .. Male

Zeke..Male…Reserved … Heading to Nevada

Zeke is a beautiful Black Silver Chinchilla Point. This little man is a charmer .. He has bright blue eyes that he keeps wide open :). He is outgoing but will come running to get pets and his belly rubbed. If a toy is insight though he goes running to play. He loves to be picked up and cuddled. He seems to always wins the hearts of anyone visiting.


Heading to Nevada to be with his new dad Don

Zanders .. Male

Zanders ..Male…Reserved … Heading to San Jose Ca

Zanders is a beautiful Black Silver Chinchilla Point Longhair Brit. He is a Little lover 🙂 but with a tad bit of fiesty to him. He loves to explore and is outgoing and wants to check everything out but actually puts all that aside if your giving him attention. Very sweet cute little guy.


Heading to San Jose to be with his new dad Eric




     Proud Parents 

Litter AA Born on April 12th 2024


Star had 5 kittens … All Silver Chinchillas. She had 3 females and 2 males. 1 female is a longhair.

Schnocki also known as Mr Grumpy

Alisha … Female

Alisha … Female … Available

Alisha is a Black Silver Chinchilla Point Longhair. She has beautiful blue round eyes that just capture your heart.  She is a gorgeous little girl with lots of spunk… Super friendly, outgoing and loves to be petted and cuddled.  She has a very gentle caring disposition and would more than gladly sit in your lap allowing you to groom and pet her :).   She loves to play but loves cuddles more.



Angel … Female

Angel … Female … Reserved heading to Colorado

Angel is a Seal Silver Chinchilla Point. She will have very beautiful blue eyes. She is very Outgoing, super smart, loves to play but also cuddles when she gets tired. A real sweetheart and a looker as well.


Angel will be heading to Colorado to be with her new family … Lisa and Michael


April … Female

April … Female … Reserved .. Heading to AZ

April is a Seal Silver Chinchilla Point.  She is a very sweet loving little girl that will have beautiful blue eyes. She is  Quieter and likes to watch before joining in with siblings. She will be a very mellow loving girl.


Heading to Az to be with her new mom Alyssa


Andy … Male

Andy … Male … Reserved heading to Ohio

Andy is a beautiful Seal Silver Chinchilla Point .. He will have gorgeous blue eyes … He is a very loving, outgoing but easy going mellow guy. Loves to be petted and play when awake. A real charmer!!


He will be heading to Ohio to join his new family Dan and his fiance


Apollo ..Male

Apollo … Male … Available

Apollo is a beautiful Seal Silver Chinchilla Male shorthair.  He will have stunning blue eyes. He is very entertaining to watch he loves to be like the leader of the pack (at least he thinks he is) and off on many adventures but when its time for sleep he gladly jumps in your lap for affection as he drifts off to sleep



Things to Know if Interested in Kittens

All my cats and kittens have been either screened or parental Screened for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) and PKD

If you would like to have your kitten tested for PKD .. the test costs 40.00 to 60.00 and takes about a week for the screening to be done.  I use UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Lab.

**Just a little note if you plan on showing any of my kittens…. My little guys almost all have ring tails.  I for one think they are a gorgeous part of them … but if you are going to show them as a Silver Shaded British Shorthair .. the ring tail is considered a fault.  So my suggestion is to let me know you might show your kitten and we can change the color where the word shaded is not in their description.  This way their will be no fault to the kitten.

***Please remember that you are not the only person inquiring about a particular kitten and that a Deposit is what will hold a kitten for you until he/she is ready to leave.  Please Read this page if interested in a kitten or about further info on buying or leaving a deposit on a kitten from Sasszkats