Available Kittens

I work from a waitlist.  At this time I am looking at Fall 2023 to Spring 2024 before I can actually guarantee a kitten. I do temporarily close down my waitlist once it reaches 30. Once a litter of kittens are born, I then reopen my waitlist. Since I do not take deposits to be on my waitlist many are still seeking a kitten elsewhere while on my waitlist, so my waitlist changes a lot by the time I know I will be having a litter.  In fact my fall 2020 litters.. 4 families that received a kitten were people that when they first contacted me I told them it would most likely be Fall of 2021 before a kitten would be available.  The average is 6 months to a year wait.. it also can be longer if you are looking for a show cat or a very specific coloring. So if you are interested on knowing more about getting on my wait list and the process of adopting one of my babies please contact me on Contact page.

I normally take a weekly video of the kittens as they grow up at the cattery for the first 6 weeks. After that I will try and do individual Videos and Photos as I can till they leave for their new homes.  If you would like to check out the newest kitten videos please go to my Facebook Page.

Kitten Terms on their Description:
RESERVED …. They have been chosen and going to new home when ready
ON HOLD …. A Deposit has been made but new owner can’t decide which kitten they want.  I allow up to one week to hold kittens that they are interested in once a deposit is made.  All the kittens are so darn cute it’s sometimes hard to decide.
AVAILABLE … No Deposit yet and open for adoption
OPEN … means I am keeping kitten under observation for my breeding program but they might be available at a later time.(normally around 9 months of age)

ADOPTED…. Kitten is now living with their new family

Fall litters 2023



     Proud Parents 

Litter X Sept 24th 2023

Shnocki also known as Mr Grumpy

X-Ray .. Male


X-Ray is a Silver Shaded Male …X-ray is heading to San Diego around the 15th of December to his new family.  He is a very bouncy little boy with a wonderful playful loving disposition.  He loves to cuddle but not for to long since he wants to go bouncing away to check out unexplored areas.  He is a real charmer.




Xavier .. Reserved Male

Xavier… He is a Chocolate Silver Chinchilla Point ..This big boy is a very mellow laid back gentleman.  He still loves to play with his brothers and sisters but is more than willing to just chill sitting in your lap being petted.  He will be joining his new family in San Jose Ca.  I am sure he will bring them tons of love and happiness



Xandy … Female

Xandy… Female… Reserved

Xandy is a beautiful Blue eyes Seal Silver Chinchilla Point.  This little lady came out with a very frisky feisty side to her :).  She is very independent and it took me a few days of constant playing and cuddling with her to get her to be very acceptable now to just chilling out to be cuddled .. But she still is the explorer of the litter and loves to go running about the minute she can.  She goes till she drops and than sleeps a bit to only wake up to go find new things to check out.  She is the leader of the litter and a super sweet doll.  She is heading to Fresno Ca to join her new kitty Dad who I am sure will enjoy her company and love tremendously.

More pictures to come.



Xmas… Female

Xmas… Female… Reserved

Xmas is a Silver Chinchilla Point .. To early for photos



Xena … Female

Xena… Female… Reserved

Xena is a Silver Chinchilla Point .. to early for photos





     Proud Parents 

Litter W Born Aug 19th 2023

Shnocki also known as Mr Grumpy

Whiskers.. Male

Whiskers … Male … Reserved to Michelle and Victor in Benicia CA

Whiskers is a British Shorthair Silver Chinchilla Male … he will be leaving around Nov 11th to be with his new family.



Whitey .. Male

Whitey … Male … Reserved for Rowan and going to live in Fairfax Ca

Whitey is a Silver Chinchilla British Longhair.  He is a charmer and such a loving handsome little guy.  He will be joining his new mom around Nov 11th 2023



Winter .. Female

Winter … Female .. Reserved

Winter is a beautiful very playful little British Shorthair Silver Chinchilla Point … She is reserved already



Windy … Female

Windy .. Female .. British Longhair Silver Chinchilla Point…. Available

Windy is a very sweet gentle loving soul … She loves to cuddle but also is quite playful.  She is a Silver Chinchilla Point British Longhair.  She is going to be gorgeous when she grows up and would make a great Show cat.  I actually am thinking of keeping her for awhile just to show her since the longhairs in this color is very rare.   She is going to have Blue eyes.





      Proud Parents 

Litter V Born July 11th 2023

Shnocki also known as Mr Grumpy

Vincent and Victor

Vincent and Victor…Males.. Living with Warren in Austin Texas

Vincent and Victor were like little twins and since they were both going to the same home I figured I would place them together.  These two boys were inseparable from day 1.   Victor was a bit larger than Vincent and in the beginning was the leader of the two.  But as Vincent started growing size did not matter and he became much more social and the leader.  They were both very loving and full of life and they adored each other so much.


Living in Malibu Ca.

Things to Know if Interested in Kittens

All my cats and kittens have been either screened or parental Screened for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) and PKD

If you would like to have your kitten tested for PKD .. the test costs 40.00 to 60.00 and takes about a week for the screening to be done.  I use UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Lab.

**Just a little note if you plan on showing any of my kittens…. My little guys almost all have ring tails.  I for one think they are a gorgeous part of them … but if you are going to show them as a Silver Shaded British Shorthair .. the ring tail is considered a fault.  So my suggestion is to let me know you might show your kitten and we can change the color where the word shaded is not in their description.  This way their will be no fault to the kitten.

***Please remember that you are not the only person inquiring about a particular kitten and that a Deposit is what will hold a kitten for you until he/she is ready to leave.  Please Read this page if interested in a kitten or about further info on buying or leaving a deposit on a kitten from Sasszkats