A Day in the Life of Kitten at Sasszkats Cattery

I have created this for each of you that will be bringing one of my kittens into your family so you can see what they are use too. Kittens/Cats love routines. You can adjust these to fit your family.
I will also give you tips on how to train your kitten to be the type of cat your wanting for your family be it a lap cat, riding in car and so on.

• 5:00 Am: We wake up
• 5:30 am: Feeding time (at this time I normally will feed them a can of Earth Born Holistic for cats and kittens) I will send about 5 cans of this home with each kitten. I buy mine at Chewy.com(Links to all foods I use is under FOODS) or transition them to a new canned cat food, If your kitten is under 12 months old make sure you buy a kitten cat food. I have tried many brands and always looking for the best quality canned food on the market. Earth Born is in the top ten.  I use Farmina Chicken and Pomegranate Kitten dry cat food for kittens under 12 months old and Farmina Lamb and Blueberry Adult dry food for older cats..this one even the kittens like as well. I have listed and linked to all the foods I use at the cattery below.
• 6:00 am: Cleaning time. This is a great one on one bonding time for you and your kitten. They love this time to be pampered. I spend about 15 min with each kitten washing down their whole body, feet, ears, eyes, and even their teeth. I use a product called Eye Envy for their eyes but this is only because I show my cats and this is excellent to keep their eyes very clean. So not needed but if you do want to get some just let me know and I will let you know which to buy and where. I then use a wipe called Sofies Secret All in One (here) its all natural and safe for all parts of the kitten. I begin with using one end to first brush their teeth, Then move to face and eyes, then their ears, then on to whole body (don’t forget their little feet). You only need one wipe so this will last you along time.
• 7:30 am: Play Time. I now just play games with them mostly with wands and different toys allowing each one to interact with me as they want to ? . It’s again important to give at least 30 min to an hour a day of play time in order to bond with your kitten.
• 8:30 am: Nap Time. By this time the kittens are normally falling off to sleep, each going to their own special spot. They sleep a lot, so please give them a spot that is theirs… their preference is a perch of some kind where they can watch you as they drift off to sleep. They love being around where you are but please make sure it’s a safe spot that allows them to sleep fully.
• 10:00 am: They begin to wake up. This is their free time to play with their litter mates and the other cats.
• 12:00: Lunch time. I prepare a fresh chicken breast, or thighs, or rabbit if I can find fresh. With Heart, Liver and sometimes Gizzard. I boil it all for about 5 to 10 min. and then cut it up in small bites for them. THEY LOVE THIS, plus it is very good for their overall health. I know many of you will not be able to do a noon feeding but if you go to feeding only 2 times a day PLEASE at least 2 or 3 times a week give them a fresh boiled feeding. It will help the kitten/cats over all well being. The ratio of innards to meat is about ¼ th innards to Meat. You can also give them the innards separate as a treat but make sure fresh. Also make sure to boil it for its important that all germs are boiled away. Some say to freeze it for 7 days and then you can feed it raw … I have tried that but still feel boiling is safer.
• 1:00 pm: Nap time again
• 4:00 pm: Waking up and playing… I normally will take this time to take one of the kittens for some one on one time with me.
• 6:00 Pm: Dinner Time. I will feed them another can of the Earth Born and a milk replacement mixture. When you get your kitten they will no longer really need the milk replacement. I actually give it to all my older cats … it helps with their coats and overall build for shows.
• 6:30 Pm: Play Time. Again I will spend this time playing and interacting with the kittens with different toys to wear them out. Wands are great toys to get them to run all over the place following it.
• 7:30 Pm: Quiet time. This is when we all take time to just cuddle with each other. I normally will sit in my chair and each kitten climbs up with me in their own spots. I try to make sure to pet them and keep them calm so they know its not play time. Before long they are all drifting off to sleep.
• 9:00 Pm: Bed Time. I will head to bed and with a little clicking sound that I make with my mouth they all come running and jump on the bed. Each Cat/kitten has their own special spots… thank god I have a big bed and don’t move around a lot at night.

Link to info on good cat foods Catfooddb There are many other sites that shows about quality food but this one is rather easy and one that I agree with most that are in the list.

This Routine changes a bit depending on what is going on during the day but is pretty much how it is on a daily basis.