Proud New Owners

Eden (Andy) and Pip(Alex) In New Home with Sonia. Chicago Ill

“Hi, Jodi! We actually just got on the plane – there was a long delay but I put the kittens together in one bag and let them play on the floor on their blanket and gave them some ice and treats and they are fine! Omg you are so right about them being happier together – they are so precious! So many people have stopped by to take pictures of them and comment on how beautiful and well behaved they are, and I agree! Thank you so much for my kitties, I promise to take good care of them and send you pictures! Will let you know once we are home!
 Oh and I ended up keeping them in the same bag when we got on the plane and just pretending one was in the other bag. Half the passengers knew (they’re basically celebrities now). I kept my hand in the bag during takeoff and landing and someone was getting impatient near the end and was trying to push himself out of the top of the bag but they did great!”
Thank you Sonia for the great Photos and letting me know how happy you and kittens are 🙂


First Litter for Cattery Born Sept 1 2018

This was my first litter of kittens.  They were and are beautiful.  There was one Black Silver Shaded (Andy) and 3 color points.  One Blue Silver Shaded Point (Alex) and 2 Silver Shaded Chinchilla Points ( Amber Rose and Ashley).  The two males have been placed in a new loving forever home and the two females will be staying with me.  I took them to a show on Jan 5th and 6th only showing Amber and Andy.  Amber won 5 firsts, 4 2nds, and 2 3rds.  Andy won 2 firsts, 5 2nds, and 3 3rds. So I am quite proud of the little ones. I will be placing pictures of Amber and Ashley(now known as Crystal) under my cats once they reach 6 months old.. My plan is have kittens by them next spring once they reach 14 to 16 months old. They will be a great addition to my cattery.