New Kitten Care

On the next menu pages you will find all kinds of information on the care of a kitten.  From Grooming, Feeding, Tips, Training, General Feeding, Transition to new home and How to make that transition easier, as well as info on Toys, and other products I use at my cattery. 

A Day in the Life of a Kitten at Sasszkats Cattery

I have created this for each of you that will be bringing one of my kittens into your family so you can see what they are use too. Kittens/Cats love routines. You can adjust these to fit your family.

Items Used At Cattery

This is food, toys, litter, misc items that I use at the cattery .. also includes some great suggestions for books and websites.

Tips, Correcting, and Training a Kitten to do Tricks

Just different tools you can use to train your kitten to how to correct them for different things.

General Care

page is just a general overall care of kittens/cats from grooming to feeding