When Buying a Kitten/Cat

Buying a cat/kitten is a very happy event, but are you ready for a commitment of up to 20 years?

Please make sure to ask yourself the above question before any other question when you start looking for your dream kitten

When you start looking for a kitten, soon you will see that on the Internet, there are many photos of kittens that very vaguely resemble the British Shorthair. Kittens are sold without pedigrees, their parents are not tested, and, therefore, there is no guarantee that these kittens are healthy. Do not believe what the seller says: words alone are worth nothing. A serious breeder will show you documents confirming that parents of the kittens have negative PKD, and will provide you with copies of the documents as well as a contract of sale for the kitten.

  • A healthy, well-bred kitten does not have watery eyes or running nose, and is clean under the tail.
  • Ask for the kitten’s registration Blue Slip, as this is the only document that ensures that you are buying a pedigree kitten. This can be their parents pedigrees if there is a spay/neuter policy.  Which means you will not receive their registration Blue slips till your kitten has been fixed, but the Parents Pedigrees shows they are purebred kittens.
  • Reliable breeders feed their kittens the best food and provide the best veterinary care. I recommend you to feed your kittens with natural food. If you want to continue natural feeding to which our kittens are used to, I will give you detailed instructions.
  • Reliable breeders do not allow their kittens to go to new homes until they are 3 months old: if a kitten has lived with its mother and other kittens to this age, it will be friendly and affectionate, and, most importantly, it will have a stronger immune system.
  • A kitten moves to a new house only after the necessary vaccinations.
  • You should know that a breeder puts a lot of effort, time, and money to get healthy and socially adapted kittens. Breeders spend a great deal on purchasing their stud cats in other countries, shows, various tests for their female cats, good nutrition for their pregnant female cats and lactating mothers...

Raising kittens means having no holidays, frequent sleepless nights when a female cat is giving birth or you have to feed the kittens from a bottle... and all this for the love for the British Shorthair.

Breeders who really love their kittens will not make an impression that they want to find a place for them as soon as possible—they will give their kittens only to those families where they will be loved and cared for.

Buying a kitten is a great responsibility, so do not make a hasty decision. When a little British Shorthair appears in your home, you should be ready for some changes in your life. Before you get a kitten, talk to the entire family, and only then make a decision. This is a long term commitment of anywhere’s from 12 to 20 years.

Immediately upon arrival to a new home, your kitten may be frightened and confused... now the well-being of your new family member depends on you. Please go to this page for information about making your kitten feel more at home, this covers all the items your kitten will need to make the transition easier that I use at the cattery, like food,toys and such.